Anxious Patients

At Pascoe Vale Dental Group, we provide advanced dental care in a comfortable way. We understand that patients may avoid visiting the dentist due to anxiety, fear of pain or lengthy time in the dentist’s chair while receiving necessary treatment.

Our dental team offers an array of pain-relief options to help relieve patients of their anxiety.

Local Anaesthetic via Inhalation

Local anaesthetic via inhalation is an effective pain-free dentistry option that helps our patients manage their anxiety. It also reduces or completely eliminates pain, making extensive dental procedures more comfortable. Essentially, the device is a green whistle-like inhaler that when inhaled, provides immediate pain and anxiety relief, leaving patients in a state of relaxation for the duration of their treatment.

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General Anaesthesia (at Sunshine Hospital)

General anaesthesia is recommended for patients who are medically compromised and therefore not suitable candidates for sedation dentistry, or those with an extreme fear of dental procedures and/or a low pain tolerance.

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Contact Pascoe Vale Dental Group today on 03 9354 7111 to discuss the best pain-free dentistry option for you based on your anxiety levels, pain threshold and the type of treatment required. We also provide counselling before treatment as well as medication to manage post-procedure pain, so your experience at our dental practice is comfortable and pleasant.

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