Custom-fitted mouthguards moulded by a professional dentist are an invaluable investment for anyone who participates in high contact sports and activities. They provide superior protection and significantly reduce the risk and impact of dental injuries, compared to standard over-the-counter mouthguards.

Since custom-fitted mouthguards fit exactly around your teeth, they are comfortable, will not move and allow you to speak and breathe normally. This means you can confidently focus on your performance knowing your mouthguard will absorb any unforeseen blows to your face and best protect your teeth, gums and jaw.

Alternatively, custom-fitted mouthguards can also benefit children and adults diagnosed with TMJ disorders (teeth clenching and/or grinding). The mouthguard acts as a barrier to protect teeth from further breakdown and damage when worn while asleep.

Contact our team today to arrange a consultation, learn more about custom-fitted mouthguards and have one designed for you or a family member. Made with high-quality materials, our affordable, custom-fitted mouthguards are available in a number of colours to reflect your personal taste.