Local Anaesthetic via Inhalation

Fear of pain causes many anxious patients to avoid seeing their dentist. But skipping dental assessments and not receiving necessary treatment can compromise oral health.

Inhaling a local anaesthetic helps to sedate a patient so that necessary treatment can be carried out as effectively as possible. This inhalation method is an effective pain-free option available at Pascoe Vale Dental Group to help our patients manage their dental anxiety. It also reduces or completely eliminates pain, making extensive dental procedures more relaxing in our dental chair.

How does inhalation work?

The local anaesthetic is inhaled via a green whistle-like inhaler. When inhaled, it provides immediate pain and anxiety relief, establishing a state of comfort for the duration of the treatment.

Local anaesthetic via inhalation offers many patient benefits. Since it is administered via an inhaler, the patient is in control of the level of pain relief received. No uncomfortable nasal mask is required, side effects are minimal and the medicine is quickly eliminated from your body in as little as 15 minutes, post treatment.

Schedule an appointment at Pascoe Vale Dental Group today and our experienced team can help you decide whether local anaesthetic is a suitable pain-relief option for you.