Wisdom Teeth & Extraction 

Wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, are usually the last set of four teeth to come through the top and bottom gums at the rear of the jaw. Eruption is common during teenage years or early twenties; although some people do not have any wisdom teeth at all.

In many cases, the eruption stage causes very painful complications for patients with troublesome wisdom teeth that fail to erupt completely. This may be due to the wisdom teeth growing sideways (impacted), or insufficient room in the jaw line for the wisdom teeth to surface easily through the gums.

If one or more wisdom teeth are causing you pain, they most likely require immediate extraction to prevent more serious problems. For example, the unnecessary pressure placed on nearby teeth can make them crooked. Your gums may also become infected. Since wisdom teeth are located right at the back of the jaw, they are much harder to brush, increasing the risk of decay.

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